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 Running on Windows 8 2012-12-10  
I don't know how I got the idea but suddenley I was working on getting version 7.2 working on my windows 8 and it worked. All that is needed is to download the "Missing DLL and OCX files + instructions" from the download section and follow them. It should work for Vista, Win7 and Win8.

Old news:

 GAME STATUS2010-01-25  
Unfortunately I haven't been able to work much on this project and it has been put on hold for almost a year. I really hope to get enough time to release a new version during this year. But a good thing is that the list of ideas of improvements and add-ons is long so when it comes (cause it will someday) it will contain even more gameplay. It makes me feel very good that there still are some people playing this game and I hope one day the 1.0 will be out there for you to download.

 0.8 NEW TOWERS2009-01-25  
The new version of 0.8 will have two new tower types. The sonic emitter that damages all enemies within range and the bomb tower that do's a powerful area of effect type damage that affects all enemies within the impact point.

 0.8 SCREENSHOT2008-12-04  
This is the first screenshot of version 0.8.The screenshot shows a beta test of a map in jungle environment. Things that are new:

The smaller environmental objects on the ground and, the shadows (so far rather poor performance, but I'm working on it) and that the player can choose to see a big version of the map that extends beyond the play area (this is just for show). Textures and models are also remade to increase the performance.

Click the picture to see the screenshot:
0.8 Screenshot

 0.8 NEW ENEMIES2008-11-02  
Version 0.8 will among else contain new enemies for you to destroy, here is a tank with six diffrent weapons:
New tank enemy

 0.8 PROGRESS2008-10-13  
I have been working on version 0.8 for a while, mostly on the game editor which is used to create maps, setup waves and more. More info on what is to be added, changed and possibly removed will soon follow.

The main change is that the game is ported to the .Net environment and will be written in C# which will hopefully fix the problems that 0.7 has with running on all computers; there might also be support for windows vista.

 VERSION 0.7.22008-04-22  
A new version has been released, this is a smaller 0.7.2 "hot fix" version that hopefully will fix a few bugs.

Bugs in windowed mode should be fixed and you can now add other resolutions into the resolutions.txt file. This may fix problems that some people have had on widescreen monitors. The setup window will now also appear at once.

 NEW TOWER TYPE 2007-12-15  
The new version of the game will feature a new type of tower. The "Forcefield emitter" which slows down all enemies in it's range. The higher level the more the enemies will be slowed down.

 NEW SITE 2007-12-12  
This is the official homepage for the Tower Defence style game Prytorian Defender. The game is still under development but a beta version can be downloaded from the download section on this page.

 0.7 PROGRESS2007-10-10  
The work on version 0.7 is going on well; the code has more or less been rewritten (fixing most bugs). Hopefully the game will perform better.

A new in game option menu and startup setup is implemented and most work is now on improving the graphics (to give more action). The new menu will include more options on customizing the graphical settings.

Two new towers may be implemented such as "force field emitters" which slows enemies down and sonic towers which damages all towers in it's radius.

This is the official homepage for the Tower Defence style game Prytorian Defender. The game is still under development but a beta version can be downloaded from the download section on this page.

Prytorian Defender is programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 by Filip Stjernberg and is powered by the 3D Engine Truevision 3D 6.3

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 Running on Windows 8
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